A new line of IBM System x servers increased productivity and efficiency

Monday, March 22, 2010

IBM has introduced a new family of servers System x. As the company, they offer increased memory resources and can help increase efficiency, enabling customers to better take advantage of virtualization and to support more than today's most demanding workloads. IBM completely redesigned its line of single-and dvuhsoketnyh x86-servers.

Two new servers, designed for mounting in a rack, x3650 M3 and x3550 M3, offering 50% more memory capacity and 60% more resources to internal memory storage than the previous generation servers, IBM. In addition, the server x3650 M3 50% more energy efficient than the previous generation, which has been the industry leader in terms of energy efficiency. The new systems are equipped with Intel processors, Xeon 5600.

The two new servers deliver enterprise-class housing in the vertical (tower), x3500 M3 and x3400 M3, features twice the capacity of internal memory storage, compared with previous generation systems, as well as lower power consumption and lower the cost of providing infrastructure and processes.

Model BladeCenter HS22 and optimized for virtualization model BladeCenter HS22V allow customers to realize a 30% -50% more virtual machines on a single blade-server. Both models used a new type of memory, consuming 15% less electricity. In the blade-server HS22V Java applications run almost 43% faster than dvuhsoketnyh blade-IBM systems of the previous generation.

The new server model iDataPlex dx360 M3 provides increased by 50% for iDataPlex performance computing workloads based on high-performance computing. This is the first dvuhsoketny server running 3000 computing operations per watt of electricity consumed, which is 36% better than the similar index iDataPlex servers, the previous generation. New backup power system enables a new iDataPlex-server to remain in operation even during the service, regular maintenance or the main power supply system.