Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G2 - the first camera with interchangeable lens and sensor controls

Monday, March 8, 2010

As expected, the company introduced a new camera Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G2 with interchangeable lens based on the standard micro 4 / 3. As the producer, the world's first system camera with interchangeable lens and sensor controls. Working on the model DMC-G2, Panasonic focused on the user's comfort, providing a touch screen. A simple touch to your subject on the touch LCD screen activates the autofocus (AF) and automatic exposure (AE), a sensor control can also lower the shutter. With the touch option is taken to work with advanced functions AF - high-speed focusing and accurate contrast - comfortable and pleasant.

Double feature Live View, the output through the LCD screen measuring 3.0 inches at 460 000 pixels and the viewfinder, Live View (1 440 000 points, 1,4 x (0,7 x), provides an opportunity to start shooting to see how the current settings of the camera will show yourself in the picture and what happens as a result. Matrix Live MOS 12,1 megapixels and a new processor Venus Engine HD II with the technology of mining permits provide quality photo and video. LCD screen rotated 180 and tilted at 270 degrees - the result is almost 100% uglol review. In addition to precision tuning and ease, the contrast AF system has a very high-speed characteristics. Users can choose from multiple modes of AF, including the function avtomaticheskogoslezheniya, AF at 1 station, AF / AE function to detect persons and AF on 23 sites.

Model DMC-G2 provides video recording of high quality 1280 x 720 format AVCHD Lite (in addition to the traditional format of the motion JPEG) and has broad capabilities in cutting-quality still frames from video files, thanks to technology mining permit. The camera has an output HDMI, so photos and video files can be viewed on the big screen high definition television via optional mini-cable HDMI.

Cameras LUMIX G Micro System equipped with protection against dust. It is essential, because in the process of changing lenses often falls into the dust or other foreign particles that may stick to the matrix and appear on the footage in the form of points. The system of protection against dust model G2 avoids this problem: instead of the matrix Live MOS set supersonic wave filter. Vibrating vertically with a frequency of about 50 000 times per second, the filter effectively drives away from the matrix of dust and other small particles.

The model will be presented in three different colors: black, red and blue. Dimensions Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G2 fairly compact for its class - 124 x 83,6 x 74 mm (body only), and weight - 371 grams (body only) or 810 grams (with a memory card SD, battery, lens, 45-200 mm ). In Europe, it will be approximately in May for about 700 euros with a set of 3,5-5,6 / 14-42 mm lens.