Photos interface "evil" camera Sony EVIL

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some devices can be quite strange, but to some extent an attractive name. Unfortunately, when translating from English into Russian is often this "chip" disappears. That is so proudly sounding system EVIL (evil) in the Russian translation is EVSL (Electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lenses). As can be seen in the grim English name is not hidden any of the universal evil, this is a new ultra-compact camera tsifrozerkalnoy from the company Sony, which will feature competitors from a system of interchangeable lenses and an electronic viewfinder with touch screen.

First photographs of this system were demonstrated at the exhibition PMA / Online images appeared showing the menu tsifrozerkalnoy camera with touchscreen interface. Possible that this interface will seem to someone more comfortable than working with traditional systems. In any case, the touch screen allows you to significantly reduce the number of external controls and reduce the minimum possible size of the shell.

Full specification cameras are not yet known, but hardly a compact model will have a functional full-size camera. Also not reported the cost of Sony EVIL, which largely affect the popularity of the camera.