Pixel Qi is preparing a hybrid displays for gadgets sizes

Monday, March 1, 2010

Company Pixel Qi is developing new variations of its hybrid display. Recall, PQ-panel looks like a normal LCD screen with backlight, however, when it is turned off exhibits the characteristics of the high reflectivity of the screen. This makes it competitive with displays based on electronic paper, and at the same time allows the use of the screen in different modes, including for video viewing. Thus, the power consumption of the panels, according to the manufacturer is very small.

One of the first devices using the display Pixel Qi became a tablet Adam from the Indian company Notion Ink. Industrial production of new 10-inch panel size was launched in December last year, and it is expected that the first device with them to be commercialized in the third quarter of 2010. Company plagiruet that its development vsekore appear in other categories of devices. The application areas in which the data panel will be in demand, the manufacturer sees any devices that contain batteries and screens. Start of production of panels of other sizes will be announced later.