Portable Console Sony PSP will not get 3D functionality

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The recent announcement of the company Nintendo, which it announced plans to release a portable game player with support for 3D images, has caused considerable excitement in the community of fans of console video games. Recall, we are talking about the device code-named Nintendo 3DS, through which the user can enjoy the effect of this volume and depth in the gameplay, without the need for special glasses.
Besides, the official debut of this handheld console is already expected at the June exhibition E3, and the sale of compact Nintendo game console with 3D functionality should appear by March next year. However, the Sony rather calmly reacted to such a step of one of its main competitors in the gaming area. They think that most users consoles Nintendo, consisting of children 8-9 years old, is unlikely to perceive 3D functionality

According to director of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), hardware development and marketing John Koller (John Koller), a Japanese corporation, has no plans to implement the 3D functionality in their handheld game console PlayStation Portable. At the same time Sony is still going to include support for 3D image in its home console PlayStation 3, which will bring many new features like video game publisher, and ordinary consumers.