The prototype of LG slider in Windows Phone 7 Series: photo and video

Monday, March 1, 2010

Resource Engadget posted pictures and video with the communicator from LG Electronics that is running Windows Phone 7 Series. In the model there is no name - is a prototype and demonstrated one of the largest Microsoft executive Aaron Woodman (Aaron Woodman) on Engadget Show. The device is a slider with touch screen in almost the entire front panel, a few hardware buttons underneath it and out sideways QWERTY-keyboard.

Despite the fact that it is a slider, it is only slightly thicker than the iPhone or monoblocks Nexus One, said a source. At the rear of the chassis is a 5-megapixel camera with flash. From the hardware buttons are Back, Home, and the search (mandatory for Windows Phone 7 Series), control the camera and sound and, of course, included.

Currently there are no other details about the device. One can assume that it is it will be released in September and will be one of the first solutions on the market based on the software platform.