Recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar energy uses the sun

Friday, March 12, 2010

Zelenogradskaya company Telesystems announced a voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar, which in addition to the usual battery is equipped with a solar battery. The device differs from other recorders for its miniature size - 7h36h36 mm and weighs only 15 grams.

To recharge the recorder is sufficient to place in a lighted place. With a sufficient level of illumination device can operate in continuous mode (ring) record long as you like. Received energy enough to confidently capture sounds from sources located at a distance of 7.9 meters from the microphone. Voice Recorder Edic-mini Tiny Solar has features voice activation, timer, and digital signature, which guarantees the authenticity of the recording.

The model proposed in the modifications: Solar-300h, Solar-600h, Solar-1200h, the last digit in the model name indicate the maximum recording time (8 kHz sampling frequency, 2-bit ADPCM) in hours. In addition to the solar battery charging can be conducted away from the USB port.