Scientists: prone to pedophilia and fraud betray "keyboard hand"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pedophiles who use the World Wide Web to find their victims, to help trace their way of typing, say British scientists. Researchers are developing ways to use technology in order to remotely receive some information about a person, including their sex, approximate age and cultural level. It is sufficient to study the rate and rhythm, which makes the object of observation only a few keystrokes on the computer keyboard.
Professor Roy Maksion (Roy Maxion), who is a senior lecturer University of Newcastle, held a series of studies in which a group of 50 users typing on a computer, while their fingers were attached electronic sensors. These sensors can accurately determine the manner and speed with which the user types text. This also defines the kind of "keyboard hand", which allows a fairly accurate track of a person on the Internet.

The accuracy of identification is 95 percent of the total after 10 keystrokes. According to Phil Butler (Phil Butler), who heads the Department of cyber forensics and computer security at the University of Newcastle, this technology can be used to track fraud and pedophiles. Thus, the identification system for "keyboard handwritings" will help protect children and adolescents from perverts who use the Internet in their crimes.