System on a chip, Apple A4 - is a single chip Cortex A8

Monday, March 1, 2010

When submitting a tablet Apple iPad, Apple has limited the information that the basis of the hardware platform was laid chipset Apple A4, which is a system on a chip. Clock frequency of 1 GHz has been declared. Later, unofficially, it was confirmed that the composition of the hardware platform includes the graphics processor PowerVR SGX. The presence of this chip is confirmed by various sources and not denied by the manufacturer. While he still had no official information on the elements included in the actual chipset in Apple A4 are not reported. There were no third-party sources of information. Resource Ars Technica offers its own view on what is inside the iPad.

According to representatives of the resource, Apple A4 nothing, as one processor Cortex A8, devoid of most of the same functions initially had available. Restricting the system was carried out deliberately, because the company's engineers initially knew that most of the functions will remain unclaimed. Since iPad initially deprived cells, we can assume that the units responsible for interaction with photographic module has been withdrawn. According to experts of Ars Technica, a part of Apple A4 included the following elements: graphics processor, a processor for an application, the memory interface (DDR and NAND), system elements, security elements and a minimal set of connectors.