Toshiba produces a thin 750-GB hard drive for notebooks

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toshiba Corporation has made another step toward making this replacement notebooks desktop computers. The Japanese manufacturer has released a new hard drive form factor 2.5-inch with two magnetic plates, whose capacity for the first time for devices of this kind than 750 GB.
New feature called MK7559GSXP and despite a huge capacity, has the same thickness of 9.5 mm, and the majority of thin notebook hard disk drives. Thus, this hard drive is well suited for use in thin and light notebooks, as well as desktop-class all-in-one and digital media player.

Hard disk MK7559GSXP 750 GB is connected to the system via SATA 3.0 Gbps and has a spindle speed of 5400 rpm, while its energy consumption by about 14 percent less than the model with a capacity of 640 GB. Thus, the use of a new HDD in theory will improve battery life for mobile computers.

In addition to MK7559GSXP Toshiba has introduced the range of hard drive MKxx59GSM, which included a model with a capacity of 750 GB and 1 TB with three plates and a somewhat greater thickness of 12,5 mm. These hard drives, obviously, are more suitable for powerful laptops, which are purchased to replace a desktop PC, as well as other computers, where the factor of "the thinner the better" is not a priority.

The first samples of new capacious hard drives from Toshiba should start to be shipped to customers in April, and the mass production of these interesting HDD should start shortly.