VewSonic produces "green" Monitor VX1932wm-LED

Monday, March 29, 2010

ViewSonic Corp. has expanded on the Russian market line of "green" multimedia monitors model VX1932wm-LED based on LED technology. As promised producer, new saves energy and costs by not only the efficiency LED technology, but also less heat, which reduces the load on air conditioners, and this in turn leads to greater energy savings.

ViewSonic has improved the image quality VX1932wm-LED, and a dynamic contrast ratio 10 000 000:1 provides realistic depth and sharp images in any room. These ergonomic features lead to less eye fatigue, increase productivity and less stress the user that makes the display suitable for use in the office, multimedia applications, or just for internet browsing.

Intelligent control circuit LED backlight automatically detects the signal and controls the brightness according to the nature of the image, as well as "samopodstraivaetsya" to the outside lighting. For example, if a user works in bright light, LED illumination ensures that the white will remain white, black - really black, and gray levels will grow as well, forming an excellent grayscale. Along with the improvement of image quality, without compromise to the technical characteristics may be as much as 50% reduction in power consumption.

Construction Monitor ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED, which is manufactured without the use of mercury. The monitor contains a number of additional innovations, such as mode of ECO, which help to achieve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills, which is especially important for companies that use hundreds of monitors.