Wide Full HD Monitor Samsung LD220Z with multitouch-controlled

Monday, March 8, 2010

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. introduced a new Full HD LCD monitor with multitouch-management - Samsung LD220Z. As the producer, thanks to the bright screen with 70000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the possibility of connection through D-Sub and HDMI interface, as well as management of the new touch-screen would be a good solution for multimedia PC or laptop.

New OC Windows 7 from Microsoft adapted for multitouch remote control, and monitor Samsung LD220Z fully supports the functionality of the operating system. In addition, Samsung LD220Z compatible with the operating system Windows XP, which allows you to manage OS via touch screen, but does not support multitouch functions.

Touch multitouch screen, combined with the ability to control your fingers or a special pen expands exact scope of the new display solutions for business problems, and for home use. Multi-touch technology to track multiple points of application, and allows you to touch several fingers simultaneously to change the zoom, scroll the web page, as well as work in pairs. Functionality of Samsung LD220Z can use the monitor as a controller for presentations, interactive product catalog, mediagalerei or public computer access.

22-inch widescreen LCD monitor is of a high-resolution screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) and fast response time - 5 milliseconds. With the support Full HD and high dynamic contrast (70000:1 ratio) rapidly changing scenes appear realistic. Intelligent system analyzes the input video image and adjusts the brightness of the backlight depending on the characteristics of a particular frame. As a result, the ratio between the levels of brightness of the bright white frame and black colors of the least illuminated frame. In addition, this system avoids the image distortion, if the application or video do not support standard definition screen - the monitor automatically detects the format of the displayed image and selects the corresponding video mode.

Thanks to a special stand at the back of the monitor is located at the table and remains stable with frequent touch. In addition, it is equipped with two 3 Watt stereo speakers.