Wireless mouse for laptops Defender Rider 205 Nano

Monday, March 8, 2010

Defender Company introduced wireless optical mouse Defender Rider 205 Nano. The company has created a stylish compact notebook mouse with a larger (up to 10 feet) radius of the wireless communications and three-tier system of energy savings - the duration of the Defender Rider 205 Nano without having to replace batteries is 3 months.

The optical sensor allows you to work on almost any surface in one of two modes: 500 dpi or 1000 dpi. Switching between them takes place on the fly by pressing a button. This is useful when, for example, need to move from Internet surfing to photo processing. In addition to the mode selector of the sensor on the top of the shell are two standard buttons and scroll wheel.

Symmetrical body is made in the laconic style of using three types of materials with different textures. The upper part has a velvety coating Soft-touch, and glossy design element, and the sides are rubberized insert to provide comfort in work and eliminate the mouse from slipping his hand.

Communication with the notebook provides a miniature receiver, which, with regular work can not remove from the USB-port laptop - it will not break and will not be lost during transportation. When transporting the receiver can be stored in a special compartment in the bottom of the mouse body. The receiver operates at 2.4 GHz, which provides a reliable interaction with the manipulator and high resistance to external interference. Equipment includes a wireless optical mouse, receiver signal, user manual, CD-ROM with software and two AAA size batteries.