20-nm memory card from Samsung

Monday, April 19, 2010

Samsung has announced the completion of the development boards MLC NAND flash memory, performed on 20-nm process technology. This development is to be used in memory cards, SD-format and allow the company to expand the range of flash drives Samsung with capacity of up to 32 GB used in smart phones, electronic devices and high-performance memory cards.

Chipsets MLC NAND flash memory, performed on a 20-nm process technology, have a capacity of up to 50% greater than current solutions for 30-nm process technology. Performance recording in 20-nm memory card with 8 GB and high density to 30% faster than the 30-nm card. This will bring up a class in speed until the tenth (the reading speed of 20 MB / s and write speed up to 10 MB / s). Also reported that the new technology has increased, and safety.

Manufacture of products based on the 20-nm MLC NAND flash memory is scheduled to begin this year. Memory will be issued with a capacity of 4 to 64 GB.