Acer Aspire One D260: netbook with Android and Windows on bortu

Friday, April 2, 2010

While some predict that the operating system Google Android can be successfully acclimated to this type of devices as netbooks mass-market models with this OS is not observed. Last year, Acer introduced its own model of Acer Aspire One D250, which in November went on sale in the territory of Russia. It is now known that the company has already prepared a successor - netbook Aspire One D260, which in addition to OS Android will and an alternative to boot in Windows. In other characteristics are the same as in the D250. As for the future ", it was reported that in the third quarter will be given the opportunity to transition to the next planned operating system Google Chrome.

Not specified yet and will keep a D260 design of its predecessor, since he differs markedly from the modern style netbook series Eee PC. Detailed specifications of the new netbook not been named, but you can be almost sure that the car will be built on a platform of Intel Atom Pine Trail. Dates of the official announcement of the model is not specified, as well as cost.