Defender Forsage - Wheel of novice gamer

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The company introduced the Defender Wheel of Defender Forsage, designed specifically for novice gamers. It promises a manufacturer, device allows you to open all the possibilities of virtual car and quickly master the principles of driving in the game.

In order to achieve comfort during the game manufacturer provides 12 programmable buttons. They are located on the dashboard and provide quick access to the most popular features. Also Defender Forsage features of the switch and two podrulevymi switches, which duplicate the functions of brake and gas. Steering angle is 180 degrees. Vibration mode makes the process of driving more realistic.

Rubber inserts with textured surface on the handlebars provide a comfortable and solid grip. The angle of the steering axle is less than 45 degrees - Defender Forsage not overshadow the monitor to distract the player from the road. Secure mounting, includes suction cups and clamps, restraint on any flat surface and prevents it from slipping, even with prolonged intensive game.

The pedals are placed on a stable platform and have an asymmetric shape, like a normal road pedals. Package includes a game steering wheel, pedal clamp for attaching to table top, CD with software, user manual and warranty card.

Defender Forsage Specifications:

    * Interface: USB
    * Number of buttons: 12 buttons + two + switch podrulevyh eight-switch species
    * Diameter of steering wheel: 280 mm
    * Steering angle: 180 degrees
    * Operating mount: Suckers + clamp
    * Mode vibration steering
    * Weight: 4 kg
    * Compatibility: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista


Anonymous said...

спасибі Amigo! великий піст!