Drift Innovation X170: video camera for extreme shooting

Monday, April 19, 2010

Compact cameras offered on the market today, there are different colors, sizes, and most importantly focus. Company Drift Innovation offers his vision of what should be a modern camera for those on the ground not stay quiet. Drift Innovation X170 - Camera is not too high by today's performance that can record video with resolution up to 720 x 480 pixels and receive a 5-megapixel static images. Notably it is shock-, dust-and moisture-resistant housing, the possibility of viewing angles and rotation 170 and 300 degrees.

Also convenient for extreme cyclists should become binding, attached to the camera. It allows you to fix the device on the helmet, handlebars and the bicycle frame. In order to operate the camera, fixed, for example, the helmet does not require compliance with acrobatic scene, the kit includes the remote control. Completed it in a bracelet (like a wristwatch) and operates from built-in power supply. The camera itself has a LCD display with a diagonal screen 1.5-inch, memory card slot for SD-format with up to 16 GB and is powered by two standard AA power supply. To manage the camera can be at a distance of 5 meters. Unit weight (without mount and remote control) is 128 grams.