Drunken Apple employee lose prototypes? Another iPhone 4G HD found in the bar, photos, videos and more

Monday, April 19, 2010

The story of the lost and found in a bar in San Jose next generation communicator iPhone (iPhone 4G or iPhone HD) will be continued. As we have already mentioned, the resource Engadget has posted some pictures of this device, and then in the global network sparked controversy as to whether this device or a forgery. But now, reportedly, was found one more left in the bar model of the new iPhone, but already in Redwood City, too, not too far from Cupertino. She fell into the hands of journalists Gizmodo. We can only assume that Apple employees epidemic struck down a bar forgetfulness, or a carefully a set-up the company. 

Journalists Gizmodo investigated device, and then published some of his photographs of good quality, short video, and its conclusions. According to Gizmodo, the communicator exactly true. It was demolished, it was discovered many components of Apple. When connected to a computer model is recognized as the iPhone and running it under iPhone OS 4. 

As noted by journalists, the new generation iPhone display is slightly smaller than its predecessor, but its resolution seems to higher - 960x460 pixels. In the decision has front camera for video telephony, and the camera on the back cover has a flash, its resolution is 5 or 8 megapixels.

In addition, the housing provided metal power button, volume control and mute. The battery cover is made either of glass or plastic, and ends - of aluminum. And instead of the usual SIM card will be used smaller micro-SIM.