The first in-ear headphones from Yamaha

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yamaha, very well known in the market for its diverse musical decisions. Including headphones. At the same time to the present day in the arsenal of the company there was no single model of in-ear headphones. Correcting this "omission" the company officially announced a set of headphones EPH. Currently, it includes three models: Yamaha EPH-50, Yamaha EPH-30 and Yamaha EPH-20.

Pseudo audiophile flagship headphones Yamaha EPH-50 have a disc diameter of 13.6 mm are designed for home stereo systems and powerful multimedia player. To connect to the device they use a standard 3.5-mm audio jack. Headphones will be available in two colors (black and white), and their recommended retail value is $ 99.95.

A budget option may become Yamaha EPH-30, which can also be black and white, but have a membrane with a diameter of 9 mm and will cost half the price - $ 49.95.

The most affordable in the series will Headphones Yamaha EPH-20, which will be simple and affordable solution company. They also provide a very decent quality sound (frequency response from 18 Hz to 20 kHz) and are offered in five different colors: black, pink, indigo, light-green and reddish-brown. The value of this budget decision - $ 29.95.