GlobalFoundries develops ARM Cortex A9 processor and 28-nm technology

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ARM processors do not have among its producers such big names as AMD or Intel, but, nevertheless, their work faces a lot of people, often without even knowing that their mobile device is just ARM processor. Among the manufacturers of this type of processors and a division of AMD - GlobalFoundries, which recently announced its plans to develop a chipset ARM Cortex A9 for 28-nm technology. It is assumed that this model will be faster than current processors Cortex A9, as well as the expected two-fold increase in productivity.

High speed promises GlobalFoundries and systems on a chip (SoC), which currently supplies the producer companies Microsoft, Qualcomm, TI, Nintendo. The new substrate will certify the Cortex A9 MPCore and create a SoC based on standard components companies. As a result, accelerate the process of development and integration of processors in the device - something that previously took years, can now be implemented in several quarters.

The end of the development company assumes GlobalFoundries in late June - early July, and the mass production of processors ARM Cortex A9 for 28-nm technology could begin as early in the second half of the year.