HP and Dell are cutting investment in the segment of netbooks

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Netbooks rapidly expanding its niche in the market in recent years. Their sales had a positive, even the financial crisis, because many buyers prefer to save money and become more budget netbook rather than fully fledged laptops. It looks strange message resource DigiTimes, which indicates that HP and Dell plan to reduce investment in the segment of netbooks.

According to the sources of this resource, these companies are planning to reduce netbook segment with 10-inch screens. It is reported that Hewlett-Packard Company intends to completely abandon these models, concentrating on 11.6-inch models that are based on processors, AMD. Mentioned decrease in the interest of producers to a 10-inch model due to the fact that the components used in these netbooks almost identical as well as performance. This leads to the fact that the models differ only in the market value and the label, attached to the hull.

Simultaneously, DigiTimes reports that not all manufacturers have lost interest in the 10-inch machines. Company Acer, ASUS and Samsung have continued to invest in this sector.