Hurry to see: iPhone 4G Unibody aluminum case

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resource MacPredictions presented an image-model communicator iPhone the next generation. Rumors about him for quite some time circulating in the global network, the announcement of new products expected in the summer: in late June - early July at WWDC. It is also expected release CDMA version of the iPhone. According to rumors, the new device would be called the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. It is expected that he will get the front camera, screen size and high resolution and a number of other improvements. In addition, it may be based on the new iPhone 4.0 OS with support for full multi-tasking-party applications.

The image MacPredictions iPhone 4G looks pretty impressive and reminds iPad. It is enclosed in an aluminum Unibody housing (from a single piece of metal as in the last MacBook) with a slightly curved back cover. The corners are still a little rounded, under the display there is only one hardware button. Such a device will obviously be more durable, but somewhat heavier predecessors. Of course, not the fact that the iPhone 4G will be like this, although this design is quite attractive.