ITC accepts complaints on the HTC Apple patent infringement

Friday, April 2, 2010

Commission on International Trade in U.S. (International Trade Commission, ITC) has announced the acceptance of complaints against Apple's HTC, related to an alleged violation of Apple's proprietary technology manufactured in Taiwan by communicators and smartphones.

Recall, we are talking about the alleged illegal use of mobile devices, HTC more than 20 patents pertaining to the communicator iPhone, including its hardware and software components, as well as multi-touch functionality. Thus, if the American commission will not be in favor of the HTC, it can lead to partial or complete ban on imports into the U.S. smartphones from Taiwanese manufacturer.

At the same time, we note that the process of reviewing complaints against Apple HTC is unlikely to be rapid. Commission on International Trade in the U.S. has 45 days to determine the deadline the end of investigation on this matter. In addition, most of these cases are at least several months, and decide when it was made, is to be executed within approximately 60 days.