LG Joypop - mobile phone technology to support FMC and Wi-Fi networks

Sunday, April 18, 2010

 South Korean company LG Electronics announced a new mobile phone model, made in a folding form factor - LG Joypop (index model LG KH3900), the distinguishing feature is the availability of technology support for FMC (fixed-mobile convergence - the convergence of fixed and mobile networks). This technology allows subscribers to local operator KT to use both mobile and fixed networks, as well as VoIP calls over the Internet using Wi-Fi networks.

On the technical side, LG KH3900 is as follows:

    * Dimensions: 108,5 h52h14, 6 mm
    * Weight: 108 gr.
    * Main display: 2.8-inch, 240x400 pixels resolution
    * External display: LED matrix
    * Camera: 2 MP + 1,3 MP
    * Support for Wi-Fi networks
    * Memory: 190 MB, microSD memory card