"Live" photos "smart" clock for BlackBerry

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Company Allerta a while ago, in October last year, announced hours inPulse, which should make life easier for users of smartphones BlackBerry. Apart from the awareness of the current time data "smart" clock must be able to connect via Bluetooth 2.0 with Pocket PC and displaying information about incoming calls and messages. 1.8-inch OLED-display can show the names of contacts with whom receive calls, SMS and e-mail. According to information previously available this accessory should go on sale in February 2010. However, February has passed, but Allerta inPulse is still in the status of "pre-order.

Evidence that the project is still alive - published in the official company blog "live" pictures of the device. They can be seen that the design in exactly the same as displayed on the computer graphics. The device has a rather large screen and a single button on the side. The purpose of this button is not specified. In addition to the preview with no other option clock does not possess, and the company of any action the owner will still have to remove the phone.

Regarding the timing of actual delivery of pre-ordered devices, new data has been received and the occurrence of $ 150 accessory on the market is still in question.