Load and store unneeded items in the network, along with Google Docs!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

If your desk (in a room, apartment, summer cottage, etc.) have accumulated a lot of unnecessary items, and throw all this stuff in the trash does not go hand in, you may help a new feature, announced a team of service Google Docs. It is now possible to download and store on Google's servers any items you do not need at this time.

Recall that in January in Google Docs an opportunity to upload and store any files on the network, but not so long ago, the maximum size of these files was increased to 1 GB. So a new and very useful option that runs today, April 1, is only a logical extension of already existing functionality. Everything you need - an internet connection and an account in the services system Google.

For example, if you're a man absent-minded and always forget where you put the keys of a remote control on the TV, you can easily keep them in Google Docs. And, as with normal files and documents you can share, and share saved items with their friends and acquaintances around the world (admittedly, with the keys from your home or safe deposit box with the money to do it's still not recommended).

In addition, if you are a fan travel, you can download in Google Docs favorite piano or other large object, and get it already at the destination. Thus, when traveling, say, from New York to California, you will not have to carry with them anything extra. You can also share uploaded piano with musician friends in England. The prices for this service is quite reasonable - 10 cents for each kilogram of feed in Google Docs subject, receiving and shipping all over the world for free. Subscribe to participate in the testing of innovative features here.