Mobile Social Network PlayStation Room for Sony PSP and will not start

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sony has decided to close the project to develop a social network PlayStation Room, designed for users of portable game consoles, Sony PSP. It was to be a sort of mobile version of network PlayStation Home, which focuses on large consoles. This service allows users to create and equip their virtual rooms and even three-dimensional characters (avatars). Social Network PlayStation Room was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009.

Then has undergone a closed beta service, though he was limited to the Japanese region. Project participants were thanked and notified that he is closing. Sony has said nothing about the reasons for stopping work in this direction. Perhaps, as a result of testing a similar service had seemed unpromising and unprofitable? PlayStation Home, by the way, was supposed to be free (pay only for the proposed number of additional features).


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