MOSdigi Professional DM965 - conceptual mouse-presenter

Monday, April 5, 2010

Company MOS International has announced the commencement of sales in Russia, computer accessories professional class. Stylish wireless manipulator MOSdigi Professional DM965 combines the functionality of a mouse with a trackball, presenter and laser pointer. As the producer, the conceptual novelty MOSdigi distinguished classical rigor lines, deep black color traditionally associated with elegance and velvety coating Corps "under nubuck. In addition, the unusual shape of the robot arm facilitates movement of the wrist after prolonged use.

Universal device MOSdigi DM965 Professional with a USB interface has a complete set of different functions that simplify the workflow and the number of repetitive actions, allowing you to do the job quickly and efficiently. The manipulator operates in two modes - the mouse and presenter that can be easily launched with three-position switch, a laser pointer with a red beam up to 0.8 mW is used to attract additional attention of the audience.

The sensitivity of the optical mouse sensor is 1600 dpi. This built-in trackball has the ball in the mouse mode both vertical and horizontal scrolling of documents for quick and easy navigation when viewing documents without using the keyboard, and during the presentation makes it possible to position the cursor without moving the robot arm on the table. Special mouse pad is not required: it works on a variety of surfaces.

As a professional presenter device remotely run software within a radius of 20 meters. Five buttons provide control over a variety of applications shall: go to next / previous slide, double click to start the new files, change the active application and the inclusion of a laser pointer. The transfer of data without delay and losses, as well as solid performance in operating a number of other wireless devices ensures wireless technology for radio frequency 2.4 GHz

Integrated energy system transforms the mouse into sleep mode after five minutes of "downtime" and extends up to six months time, and the need to replace the two AA batteries will prompt LED.