New Apple iPad will OLED display?

Monday, April 19, 2010

According to DigiTimes resource with a traditional reference to insider sources, Apple will use its tablet iPad next-generation OLED display. And, reportedly, the development of the second version of the device, sales of which started only recently, has already begun. Another interesting fact - the same design concept and, obviously, OLED display, will be used by the communicator iPhone 4G, which will be released this summer.

However, some experts doubt that this year or even next year iPad could get OLED display. And the main obstacle here would be the high cost of such panels, which continues to date. If the number of mobile devices with relatively small screens can still afford OLED display, then for large plnsheta cost of such a screen can be "nepripodemnoy. For comparison, 9.7-inch LCD screen iPad is worth $ 60-70, and OLED display with a diagonal analysts estimate at as much as $ 500.