New models of headphones KOSS Mixjockey and Doubletake - already on sale

Monday, April 5, 2010

KOSS Company announces the Russian market new models of headphones: KOSS Mixjockey and KOSS Doubletake. KOSS Mixjockey - a high-quality closed headphones with a professional sound, which is achieved by using an anisotropic magnet and Mylar diaphragm thickness of 1.4 mm. As the producer, model replaced the KOSS UR29 and is suitable for use in the home, and for working DJs. Anisotropic ferrite magnets provide KOSS Mixjockey high sensitivity, which is sufficient when using the sound sources of low power.

KOSS Doubletake - a 2 pairs of headphones into one box, or rather already well known and proven model - KSS10 and BUDZ BAG. KSS10 - Portable headphones with ear shells overhead and convenient occipital headband. The model is highly sensitive and impedance (resistance) is optimal for MP3 players. BUDZ BAG - classic in-ear headphones with a compact size blister pouch included. KOSS BUDZ suitable for use with portable devices and computers. KOSS Mixjockey, and KOSS Doubletake already appeared for sale on the Russian market.