Panasonic KX-NT700 - IP conference phone with lots of features

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Panasonic Corporation has announced the beginning of active sales in Russia IP phone KX-NT700, designed for organizing conference calls. As the producer, the new IP conference phone KX-NT700 has a wide range of functions and best sound quality compared with the equipment in this segment, already submitted to the Russian market. This was confirmed by tests carried out by specialists of the corporation prior to sales. The sound quality that exceeds performance analog systems, is provided in full duplex mode. Intelligent noise reduction system allows the use of IP conference phone in a noisy environment, the interlocutor will not hear extraneous sounds, such as, for example, the roar of running the projector or computer.

Another unusual feature is the possibility of converting the speed of speech in real time. Depending on the situation, for example, can slow down play call at the expense of pauses in speech. With IP conference phone KX-NT700 can organize a conference on how IP (SIP-protocol), and on ordinary telephone lines. IP conference phone can be plugged directly to the IP-telephony operator or to a telephone line, as well as to the PBX, with access to its functions. To audio input / output KX-NT700 can connect DECT phone or another phone to use it as a headset. With USB input device can be connected to a PC for programming and control through a special software, and use KX-NT700 as headsets, for example, for Skype. Collaborate IP conference phone with IP cameras can video call. Conference calls may be recorded on an SD card.

Features Panasonic KX-NT700:

    * Compatible with Panasonic PBX Series TDE / NCP
    * Connecting to the Network for IP (SIP) or CO
    * Broadband high-quality transmission of audio (codec G.722 [16kHz])
    * Echo suppression in full duplex mode (Full Duplex)
    * Noise reduction (eliminates noise of the projector, computer, etc.)
    * Conversation Recording to the SD card (64 hours to 2 GB)
    * USB connection for control and programming device using an application on your PC
    * Organization Tripartite Conference
    * Videoconferencing
    * Ability to connect an additional two microphones (KX-NT701XJ). Coverage in this case - up to 10 m