Platform Android - in the asset 38 000 applications and more than thirty models

Saturday, April 17, 2010

During its quarterly financial conference company Google announced that it recorded in recent months, the huge increase in popularity browser Chrome and mobile operating system Android. Particularly impressive results demonstrate the latest development of the internet giant. For example, according to Google, the market now, there are over 30 models of running Android from a dozen different manufacturers.

In addition, the daily sale and activated more than 60 thousand Android smartphones, which can result in the annual allowance in an amount close to 22 million new activations. Regarding the situation on the front application, then the online store Android Market continues to show steady growth and is regularly updated with all new proposals.

According to the Google Jeff Haber (Jeff Huber), in an asset Android platform now has 38 000 different applications, and there is every reason to believe that this number will grow. The reasons for this success, according to Haber, is a strong position in Google World Wide Web and the openness of the company thousands of developers. As Nexus One, which is the first Android smartphone under the brand name Google, it is assumed that it may appear in conventional shops Communications (now, let us recall, Nexus One sold through online store Google).