The second generation of Intel platform CULV appear in third quarter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The low index TDP processors Intel CULV resemble for use even in compact and thin mobile computers, where low heat transfer becomes critical. In this regard, there is nothing particularly surprising in the message resource Fudzilla that Intel plans to submit a second version of its platform CULV. Moreover, one of the first of a new generation will be dual-core processor Celeron U3400, which is part of the family Arrandale.

New energy efficient chip Intel Celeron U3400 will be constructed on norms of the 32 nm technology and will be part of the mobile platform Calpella. Its frequency will be 1.06 GHz and a TDP will be at 18 watts. In addition, like all models in the family Arrandale, the new processor will receive 45 nm integrated video core capable to disperse from the basic 166 MHz to 500 MHz.

It is also important to note that the dual-core Intel Celeron U3400 will receive 2 MB cache and support for DDR3 memory 800, and must begin to be delivered as part of some notebooks in the third quarter. Interestingly, these characteristics virtually repeat the specification of one more cost-effective chip Core i5-520UM, except that the latter is equipped with 3 MB of cache and supports Turbo Boost. Well, obviously, the cost Intel Celeron U3400 will be much lower.