StoreJet 25D3 - a secure portable hard drive Transcend USB 3.0 interface

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Transcend Information has released a secure portable 2.5-inch hard drive StoreJet 25D3. As the company, he is one of the first devices available with support for USB 3.0. Transcend Model with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 delivers higher data transfer rate (up to 90 Mb / s) than conventional external hard drives with USB 2.0. Portable Hard Disk StoreJet 25D3 backward compatible with USB 2.0, allowing users to share files from virtually any computer. Special mnogotsvetovoy LED light indicates the mode in which working hard drive - USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. In USB 2.0 mode indicator glows orange in the mode of USB 3.0 - blue.

Under the stylish glossy case Portable Hard Disk StoreJet 25D3 hiding absorbing shocks and vibrations of a two-tier system of protection. Outside, the model has a stylish body with a nice cover for your fingers, but inside is an advanced system of protection mechanisms for the hard disk, which serves to prevent damage to the data from the disk from slipping off the table and falling during transport. On an unprotected hard drive, after only one fall, perhaps irreversibly damaged a large amount of data.

Also StoreJet 25D3 is a "green" digital device - it automatically goes into sleep mode after ten minutes of downtime, which saves up to 40% of energy. In addition to the StoreJet 25D3 USB 3.0, Transcend has launched StoreJet 25D2 USB 2.0, which has a similar protection from shock and vibration. Both hard drives are provided with a three-year warranty and is equipped with software package Transcend StoreJet Elite. The package includes utilities for storing data on a schedule, online programs and 256-bit encryption AES. All hard drives StoreJet certified for Windows 7. StoreJet 25D3 is available in classic black casing with 500 GB of memory. StoreJet 25D2 is available in versions with a capacity of 250, 320, 500 and 640 GB.