Surface display for "portable" PS3 Slim

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sony is positioning game consoles "thin" line PS3 slim as a portable analog conventional Play Station consoles, the third generation. But to call it a portable in the true sense of the word is difficult. Yes, Slim noticeably thinner than the regular PS3, but in order to take advantage of it still need some external power source and a screen on which she passed on the image. With mobile data devices, there are some problems. The Japanese company Hori offers a partial solution. No, it does not produce generators for power supply PS3 Slim «in nature" - this producer offers to solve the problem of lack of own console screen.

The device Hori HD LCD-3 is the overhead display, which is mounted on top of the standard shell consoles Sony Play Station 3 Slim. Diagonal screen size of 11.6 inches, which is caused by the desire to fit it into the dimensions of the actual console, but its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, which is also not enough to get this Full HD quality, but good enough for comfortable viewing. Furthermore screen Hori HD LCD-3 has a built-in speakers and audio jack. For convenience in storing and transporting the display is made in the form of collapsible panels, which can completely cling to the base fixed on the console. The device supports video standards PAL and NTSC, which may indicate that it planned to sell outside of Japan.

Released on the home market for the company is scheduled for May 27, but the starting price will be 24 800 yen ($ 263).