Toshiba is preparing tablets with Windows and Android

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toshiba has signed up to Apple's competitors in the market Tablet devices. Earlier plans for the company for the production of tablets that would compete with the iPad not reported. This information was reported in an interview with Reuters general manager of Toshiba Digital Products in the U.S. Jeff Barney (Jeff Barney). According to him, the company plans this year to release a number of "plates" that would be running multiple operating systems: from Windows 7 to Android OS. In this decision the company exploit the success and growth iPad own sales in the North American market, which in the first quarter was 50%.

Regarding technical aspects, the Toshiba until I finally decided on the shape of future devices. It is known that the diagonal of the screen will be about 10 inches, but in terms of form factor is no single opinion. We consider the option of establishing a Tablet PC running Windows and has two touch screens. However, as emphasized Jeff Barney, the company has no plans to engage in "cannibalism" and invade the market of existing solutions. On the contrary, it is assumed that development will be expansive and tablets will be a new type of device, as happened with the netbooks. It is known that the models will be at least two. More expensive with the operating system from Microsoft will be offered as a device with high functionality, and box running Google Android - a budget, a simple and affordable.

The exact date of release from Toshiba planshetnikov not called, but apparently, the company hopes to have time before the end of the year, and a wave of popularity of the brand on the market.