ABBYY Lingvo - now for Mac!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ABBYY is announced long-awaited dictionary ABBYY Lingvo for Mac. Now, Mac owners an opportunity to install on their computers modern dictionary, which is popular among millions of people around the world.

ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is based on a familiar platform users Windows ABBYY Lingvo x3. Set of 125 dictionary contains 6 pairs of translation from Russian into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and vice versa. It also includes dictionaries of Russian language, grammar guides, phrasebooks, lingvostranovedcheskie, training dictionaries and dictionaries of English Oxford and Collins. Professionals who use highly specialized vocabulary in the search for translations will help numerous thematic dictionaries.

Those who teach the language will be useful voiced by professional speakers, 60 000 words, letters, form words, interpretation, idioms and set expressions. In ABBYY Lingvo for Mac includes the most current and best quality translations of Dictionary, which described more than 100 000 words for each pair of languages, have examples of usages, synonyms and antonyms. All this helps the user find the most suitable translation unfamiliar word in the context of its use.

Developers ABBYY Lingvo for Mac have done everything possible to work with the dictionary was convenient and quick. Thus, the user can instantly translate into Cocoa applications (Safari, Pages): just move your cursor over an unfamiliar word, and beside him a balloon appears with a brief translation and a link to a detailed article in the dictionary. Morphology support allows you to translate words in any form (and not just in the initial) for all supported languages, including any characteristic of the English irregular verb forms, splitting complex composites for the German and the numerous exceptions to the rules of spelling in all languages.

Program ABBYY Lingvo for Mac built to standards and recommendations for the Apple Application Mac OS X. The interface of the product is made in the usual style for Mac users. Through the use of Cocoa programming environment it organically fits into the Mac OS. Recommended value boxed dictionary ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is 1490 rubles. The cost of download version of ABBYY Lingvo for Mac - 1340 rubles. ABBYY Lingvo for Mac is available for sale from August 12, 2010.