Apple unveils new iPod in mid-September

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Several knowledgeable sources agreed that the traditional annual event dedicated to new players iPod, tentatively scheduled for mid-September. That is, it will take about a month. Although previously zips message that the event could take place in August, but the data are clearly unreliable. It is assumed that there will be a presentation of a new generation of iPod music players. In particular, the expected announcement of a new iPod touch.

While no precise data on what new opportunities will most functional media player, Apple, but - just rumors. Mention integrated cameras (front and rear side, both or separately), support video service FaceTime and display Retina, like the iPhone 4. May be updated and the iPod nano, and it is likely that the smallest player iPod shuffle will be completely redesigned and will have a tiny touch screen display instead of buttons. Presumably, may be declared and the new additions to iTunes - support streaming.