Games Xbox LIVE mobilized!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Microsoft has presented at the conference Gamescom 2010 "first wave" of games Xbox LIVE, for the operating system Windows Phone 7. As you know, communicators based on it will be a game section and Microsoft considers this a promising platform for the development of such functionality. According to her, Windows Phone 7 - is an opportunity to play in the Xbox LIVE anywhere, anytime.

Title The offer, including such well-known companies like Gameloft, Konami, Namco Bandai, PopCap and THQ. Among the first games to be available for Windows Phone 7 - Bejeweled LIVE, Guitar Hero 5, The Harvest, Max and the Magic Marker, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst and so on. In the "first wave" will include both familiar to the Xbox 360 games, and new - about 50 items.

But the Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7 - is not just a mobile game, this is a whole network, which unites 25 million active players around the world. It allows users to create three-dimensional avatars, chat with friends and compare your gaming achievements, access to multiplayer games and much more. And all this in the near future will be available on WP7 communicators, issue of the first of which will be held, probably in October.


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There are tons of Xbox Live-enabled games on the market today, and although most of them are decent even games are averaging more fun when you play with your friends some are really a notch above the rest.