Google Maps will hold through the traffic jams in Moscow

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google has announced the launch of beta service for Google Maps, which reports information about traffic jams on the roads of Moscow and St. Petersburg. To see it on the map to Google, you want to include a layer of "plugs" (top right on the map). No data are available only for these two cities, but Google is working to expand coverage.

To indicate the traffic situation using 4 colors, which mean the following (in parentheses are the corresponding rates for roads with a permissible maximum speed of 60 km / h):

    * Black and red stripes - all bad, traffic is minimal, no more than 15% of the allowed speed (up to 10 km / h)
    * Red - much difficulty in movement, not more than 40% of speed limit (10-25 km / h)
    * Orange - the movement of difficulty, up to 75% speed (25-45 km / h)
    * Green - movement without interference (45 km / h and above)

One piece of information about the traffic comes from vendors Google, and another - from the users of mobile maps Google. Next, using special algorithms, the information is processed and then displayed on the map. Naturally, in this case had to address many issues: for example, how to identify pedestrians and do not take into account the data received from them, because they almost always move more slowly than cars. Meanwhile, Google keeps a history of data and the user can see not only the current driving situation, but traffic jams at certain times and certain days of the week.

Along with the usual maps and traffic jams have become available on mobile maps Google, for this just need to include the corresponding layer on the map. Mobile Google Maps for Nokia smartphones running S60, for the iPhone, for Android and Windows Mobile.