Hynix: mass production of NAND flash memory on a 64 Gb to 20 nm technology

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A well-known South Korean memory manufacturer Hynix Semiconductor Company today announced the mass production of NAND flash memory density of 64 Gbps using 20 nm process class. This production technology is implemented at the factory in South Korean Hynix Chongdzhu (Cheongju).

According to Hynix, the transition to standards-nm technology provides a 2x performance increase of 60 per cent compared with 3-nm process technology. In addition, such a transition makes it possible to produce cheaper NAND memory for high density devices such as smartphones or solid-state drives.

According to the Hynix, the company decided to start serial production of the toughest in the industry of 64-Gbit chips using 20 nm technology class, in order to fully satisfy the demand for such solutions. It is expected that the first products using the 2-nm NAND memory from Hynix, will be available before the end of this year.