Keyboard Microsoft - so touching!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

At the competition in 2010 UIST Student Innovation Contest was presented a prototype keyboard Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard. This peripheral is not just a normal QWERTY: the buttons placed on its large color touchscreen. He is long and narrow and is located at the top of the device. It displays information and allows you to enter data, which is quite logical, since it is touchscreen. The developers of this prototype - the team Microsoft Hardware - and presented a video demonstration.

In their view, such a keyboard can be very convenient to control, much more modern and dynamic than a simple keyboard with buttons. She supports the increasingly gaining popularity sensory input. In this case, it is not clear whether Microsoft is going to implement this concept, or he will remain at the stage of an unusual prototype. It is worth noting that the keyboard with a touchscreen already invented the company ASUSTeK Computer, but it ASUS Eee Keyboard with 5-inch touchscreen on the side buttons are just periphery, is a computer-Nettop at the keyboard.