Microsoft is preparing a new game set Kinect + Xbox 360 for 250 GB debut in November?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

According to rumors, Microsoft is preparing the announcement of yet another game set, which will include a peripheral system Kinect for Xbox 360, as well as the actual console with hard drive capacity of 250 GB. This new set may appear on November 4, that is, simultaneously with the debut of the remaining Kinect containing sets.

Note that these rumors come to us from Australia, where a certain user is supposedly able to see the image quality of this set Kinect + Xbox 360 250 GB. Furthermore, in this set though is an adventure video game Kinect Adventures. Interestingly, a similar "bonus" is present in a set Kinect + Xbox 360 for 4 GB, which we are not so long ago, mentioned in the news.

On the cost of a new set of Kinect + Xbox 360 for 250 GB has not been revealed, also failed to obtain from Microsoft any comments regarding the existence of this product. So all the information about it so far can be regarded as a purely informal. However, the official announcement of the new kit can be held as early as next week as part of the exhibition GamesCom 2010.