A mouse, a calculator and numeric keypad! This Caesar from Canon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Canon is famous not only as developer-grade photographic equipment, but as the supplier of all kinds of office equipment, for example, printers and scanners, and computer accessories. At this time the range of Japanese manufacturer added a very interesting computer mouse called the X Mark I Mouse, who can also play the role of the calculator and numeric keypad.

Indeed, as seen in the accompanying picture, "back" is a computer equipped with a rodent numeric keypad and small display panel, as in the standard full-function calculator. Thus, it can be used to produce all sorts of calculations, as well as introduce the digital data, which is very often required in the office work.

With regard to the characteristics of the actual mouse X Mark I Mouse, it is equipped with a laser sensor with a resolution of 1200 dots per inch, and its interaction with the system occurs through a wireless protocol Bluetooth 2.0 with an appropriate module. In addition, there are three buttons and scroll wheel model. Added that the new peripheral device supports interaction with the platforms Mac OS X and Windows, as its debut to take place in November at the price of 48.99 euros.