Ordro HDV-D350S - HD camcorder with a pico-projector

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Company Ordro is not widely known brand, but this time she managed to attract attention: she created a camcorder HDV-D350S with pico-projector. Camera in compact horizontal form factor with a folding 3-inch screen can shoot video with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels at up to 60 frames per second or 12 megapixel photos. It also provides a 10-fold optical zoom, equipped with 128 MB of internal memory and a slot for SD / SDHC.

Ordro HDV-D350S supports USB and HDMI. As for DLP projector, he made as a plug-in module in the top of the camera. It can reproduce images with a resolution of 854x480 pixels and a brightness of 1915 lumens. Of course, the figures are quite modest, but this projector can take with you everywhere and watch footage on the camcorder material into a makeshift movie theater. The cost of the camcorder Ordro HDV-D350S is $ 549.95, he was already on sale.