Panasonic HX45 - Portable Headphones class Hi-Fi

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Panasonic has announced the imminent release of a new model of headphones - HX45. According to the manufacturer, this is the real-ear monitors class Hi-Fi. The original design of the device makes the model compact and portable. Headphones go on sale in December 2010. New products will be available in two variants colors: "black", "white".

When normal dynamics of the headphone set to "close" case, inevitable trend towards a narrowing of the frequency range. To create a compact headphones, but do not lose in sound quality, the company used special speakers, equipped with a unique hybrid iris (Hybrid Diaphragm), adapted to the model. Hybrid diaphragm (movable part of the dynamics) consists of two parts, each of which possesses certain properties. Ring of the membrane is made of soft elastic material (PU), while its "core" - solid and strong (material used PET). With this verified combination of composite elements (hard and easy "piston" plus mobile "suspension", which provides a smooth, free running of the radiator) achieved a net natural sound in a wide range of frequencies. According to the description of the company, the headphones Panasonic HX45 uses a hybrid diaphragm of large diameter - 36,0 mm, this allows to achieve Hi-Fi sound.

Panasonic headphones are suitable for prolonged use. Comfortable headband is equipped with a soft pillow of synthetic leather. Ear pads are also made of synthetic leather, snug against the ear, providing noise reduction and comfort while listening to music.