Samsung and Seagate Technology together will create a new controller for the SSD

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A well-known supplier of hard drives Seagate Technology company and world leader in NAND flash memory Corporation Samsung Electronics in recent years are more competitors in the market of devices for storing information. But now these two IT giants have decided to leave time rivalries and announced a very important agreement.

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This agreement will allow Samsung and Seagate to jointly develop and share licenses technology controller for a new generation of enterprise-class solid-state drives. It is planned to combine technology applied in corporate Drives Seagate, and NAND flash memory with multilevel cells from Samsung, produced to the standards of 30-nm process technology.

As a result, should turn out new products that will give consumers a high level of performance, reliability and durability. At the same time Seagate has already declared their intention to use the jointly developed by the controller in future SSD drives enterprise-class. Similarly, probably will go and the South Korean company, or simply to supply NAND memory products manufactured by Seagate.