Sony BRAVIA NX710 and NX810: 3D technology and network capabilities in an elegant package

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sony has expanded its 3D TV BRAVIA two new models BRAVIA NX710 and NX810 diagonals 46 and 55 inches. To use the new products enough to connect the transmitter 3D Sync Transmitter and put on 3D glasses Sony, with the active gate. In 2D mode, these TVs also create an image quality of HD. With Dynamic LED backlight Dynamic Edge LED technology and Motionflow 100Hz Pro (NX710) or Motionflow 200Hz Pro (NX810) provided clear images, smooth movement and ultra-high contrast.

Function BRAVIA Internet Video can not connect to a computer to watch video-internet-TV and various internet-resources (including the popular sites YouTube and DailyMotion), as well as exclusive content, for example, FIFA World Cup Collection. BRAVIA Internet Video will be constantly updated with new programs and video channels.

Thanks to the direct work of Sony with the Russian TV channel TNT and a popular Russian Internet resources RuTube, owners of television sets BRAVIA MONOLITH neogranichenyy also received free access to record a program (including a nevoshedshim broadcast), as well as a large number of videos and photos. With the help of internet widgets (BRAVIA Internet Widgets) you can check for updates to Twitter and Facebook, and view photos from Flickr.

Created specifically for the NX710 and NX810 new aluminum stand allows you to install a TV, tilting it back at an angle of 6 degrees. This allows for easy to view position of the screen when the TV is on low furniture. Inside the stand is also installed amplifiers, to make the sound of the TV equipped with a 2.1 speaker system, a more profound and intense.