Sony Reader PRS-350 PRS-650 - new e-book with touchscreen

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

According to informed sources, Sony will soon release two new electronic books, which will replace the models of Sony Reader PRS-300 PRS-600. Future innovations are called Sony Reader PRS-350 PRS-650. They are equipped with touchscreen technology-based E-Ink, which have improved contrast and response time.

The devices are thin and lightweight, their thickness, as reported, is unlikely to exceed 10 mm. Display Sony PRS-350 - 5-inch, and the amount of internal memory is 2 GB. For comparison, its predecessor - Sony PRS-300 - it does not exceed 512 MB. Obviously, the eBook Sony PRS-650 will receive the same amount of internal memory. The screen in this model, by the way, 6-inch (as in the previously published Sony PRS-600).

The youngest model Sony PRS-350 does not have any wireless capabilities, while Sony PRS-650 supports Wi-Fi and, perhaps, 3G. In addition, two new items will have a new interface that will work out of one charge of up to two weeks or more, will support the formats Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, BBeB Book, ePub/ACS4 and Adobe Digital Edition, and the interface is USB 2.0. Colors are planned the same, and that previous models. While it is not known when new items come out and how much they will cost.