Talk to Android, he will understand!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Google has introduced a new feature called Android Voice Actions. It is intended, judging by the name, for Smartphone operating system Android. This option allows voice control device, it is based on speech recognition technology. Now you can send voice, text message, start playing music, call, send an e-mail, go to the website, create a note, find the location on the map and set the direction of movement of any item. And, of course, supported voice search.

For each of these steps, there are clear command: to say the very command, and then the specific site address, the name of a musical composition, location on the map and so on. While the function works only in English and available to users in the U.S.. Its accuracy is not currently exceed 70%, recognized Google. Android Voice Actions runs on smartphones based on Android 2.2 will be preinstalled on Motorola Droid 2.